Accessible tourism – National parks

                          Nordplus adult network project

Partners:                                                                                          Contact info:

OPUS-Vadsø videregående skole                          


Karl Rasmussensplass 1 – P. O. Box 610, N- 9801 VADSØ NORWAY


Tel. + 47 78 95 57 00 – Fax: +47 78 95 40 54

Coordinator: Jens Pedersen




Myklas Romeris University, Vilnius, Lithuania



Address: Ateities g. 20 LT-08303 Vilnius


Project partner:

Head of department of environmental policy and management

doc. dr. Imantas Lazdinis
Tel.: (370 5) 271 4551


Siksali Development Center, Võru, Estonia



Officeadress: Jüri 32 a Võru 65609 ESTONIA


Project partner:


Manager/ Chairwoman of board

Kaidi-Mari Liping


Tel/fax +372 78 21266

GSM +372 55 655 172



The main focus  in the project is on:


·       Networking


·       Excursions


·       Seminars


Networking has been done between the partners involved in the project but also other external parties.
Excursions have been made into the national parks. Seminars have been held concerning national park related topics.


The project has included national parks from each of the participants’ country:


Haanja Nature Park nearby Voru, Estonia



Varangerhalvøya national park, nearby Vadsø, Norway


Neris Regional park nearby Vilnius, Lituania




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Varangerhalvøya national park
Haanja national park
Neris regional park