3RD project meeting in Estonia


Sunday, May 02

22.30 Arrival of Norwegian delegation in Tallinn.

Accommodation in town centre, hotel Old Town Maestro's (Suur-Karja 10, 10140 Tallinn)


Monday, May 03

Visiting Tallinn Old Town and other sights of interest. Recommendation: use Tallinn Card 24h (more information about the card you can find on website: http://www.tourism.tallinn.ee/fpage/tallinncard

?Arrival of Lithuanian Delegation to Tallinn?


Tuesday, May 04

?Arrival of Lithuanian Delegation to Tallinn?

10.00 Transfer from Tallinn to Lahemaa National Park (70 km from Tallinn)

11.00 Visits in Lahemaa (still to be confirmed):

·         After 1 hour drive You will enter the Captain's village Käsmu where in the 19th century in almost every house there lived also a captain. And houses were painted white – in those days the privilege of the captains.

·         In Altja Fishermen Village there are old net sheds on the cape along the path to the sea.

·         You will have lunch at Estonian style Altja tavern for a nice traditional meal.

·         After lunch the tour will take You on to Sagadi Manor that was one of the few mansions in Estonia to be decorated in rococo style. The rooms have been carefully restored and refurnished including also hunting hall with trophies and a weaponry collection reflecting the development of the hunting arms.

            16.00 Transfer from Lahemaa to Võru

            20.00 Dinner in Võru with invited guests.

 Accommodation at the Rändur Guesthouse in the centre of
Võru on main street http://www.randur.ee/



Wednesday, May 05

Breakfast at the guesthouse

08.30 Departure from the guesthouse in Võru

09.30 Visit Karula National Park: Presentation / lecture

Estonia’s smallest national park, well forested and with 38 lakes, home to many animals
including moose, lynx, wild boar, red squirrels plus over 150 bird species.


12.00 Visit to Suur Munamägi (Big Egg Hill)

Suur Munamägi is the highest place in Estonia, 318 metres above sea level. The mountain
is semi-egg-shaped and covered with a mixed forest of fir and aspen.


12.30 – 14.00 Lunch in Vaskna Tourism Farm

Vaskna Tourism Farm is situated on hilly Haanjamaa rich in legends, on the foot of the
Mount of Suur Munamägi, on the shore of beautiful Lake Vaskna. They offer countryside
food and bread baked in the eco farmhouse of Härtsmäe.

14.30 Visit Haanja Nature Park

Haanja Nature Park is located in the heart of Võrumaa, in the Haanja uplands, in the
highest area of Estonia (about 18% of the area lies higher than 250 m).
The nature park (its area 20,000 ha) was established to secure the
preservation, re-establishment and development of the landscapes and
natural associations typical to the Haanja uplands and also the historically
established way of life (i.e. villages in which farm houses are spread far
apart, where were kept small plots of land, small pastures and
grasslands, special ways of tilling, and handicraft traditions due to poor arable land).


16.00 Project discussion and dinner in Siksali (Voki village, Vastseliina municipality)


20:30 Transfer to the guesthouse in Võru


Thursday, May  06

Breakfast at the guesthouse. 

10.00 Departure from Võru

11.00 -13.00 Visiting the sights in the centre of Tartu,  free time to walk around in old town
& do some shopping

Some ideas for free time in Tartu (you can start with stopping at the tourism information centre on town
hall square)

Tartu, with its population of 101,246 in an area of 38.8 square kilometres, is the second largest city of
Estonia. It is also the centre of Southern Estonia. The Emajõgi River, which connects the two largest
lakes of Estonia, flows for the length of 10 kilometres within the city. The first written records of
Tartu date from 1030. Tartu is a university town with a rich cultural heritage. Its peculiar
architecture, fascinating events, interesting exhibitions and the image of being a Hanseatic town
attract foreign visitors.

Town Hall Square, the former Great Market. The trapezium - shaped square dates back to the period
before the fires. The buildings in classical style were erected during reconstruction The most imposing
building is the Town Hall, the early classicist structure with Baroque elements.

-     The kissing students in the middle of Town Hall Square have become a symbol of Tartu.

-     From Town Hall Square we turn to the main street of the old town. It is Rüütli street with shops on
both sides.

-     the most impressive example of classical architecture in Tartu is the main building of Tartu Town Hall - the city palaceYoung LoversUniversity

Straight from the temple of 
knowledge to Europe







13.00 – 14.30 Lunch in Tartu, Atlantis

15.30 – 16.30 Make a stop in Põltsamaa (Estonian wine capital) on the
   way, Estonian fruit wine degustation in wine cellar, located in the
   courtyard of Põltsamaa castle.

18:00 Arrival to Tallinn.

   Accommodation at the hotel Old Town Maestro's

Friday, May  07- DEPARTURE DAY





Nordpluss-adult prosjektet “Accesible tourism-Nationalparks”


3.seminar i Vörö 04.05-07.05.2010.


Alle partnere var invitert til seminaret. Fra Vadsø videregående skole/OPUS, Norge,  deltok seks
deltakere og fra Mykolas Romeris Universitet, Lithauen, deltok to deltakere.


All forarbeid før seminaret var gjort av vertskap etter innspill fra partnere i forkant av seminaret.
Det ble gjennomført planleggingsmøter for prosjektet, seminar om Karola Nasjonal Park , besøk til
turist og servicebedrifter, informasjon om Siksali Arendult Center og ekskursjoner til Lahemaa
Nasjonal Park, Karula Nasjonal Park og Haanja Natur Park.


Spesielt besøkene og ekskursjonene var viktige i en nettverksbygging. Under planleggingsmøtene
fikk Vadsø vgs/OPUS i oppdrag å rapportere prosjektet overfor Nordpluss administrasjonen. 
Det var også enighet om å videreføre flest mulig av kontaktene som er skapt i form av nye aktiviteter.



For alle partnere


Jens Pedersen